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What is McAfee? McAfee is an antivirus that scans any type of virus on the computer and removes from the computer, such as worms, Trojans. This is one of the most used antivirus providers that is capable of resolving viruses. It offers a variety of security products such as McAfee antivirus, McAfee Total protection, McAfee Internet Security Protection and McAfee LiveSafe and to activate all those product user must visit

About McAfee antivirus:

McAfee is an American computer security software company in the world and the company is one of the best security companies in the world. Its headquarters is located in Santa Clara , California, and was purchased by Intel in May 2011 and is now a part of McAfee Intel. The purpose of McAfee is to completely protect the computer and it checks the status of the firewall and antivirus as well as scans the web history and the computer may scan for some kind of virus which may cause harm. – McAfee Security Scan Plus is a free tool from McAfee that thoroughly checks the computers that antivirus, firewall and web security software are active also that scans unwanted security programs such as malware, Trojans running on our computers, plus this security scan. McAfee offers a first 30 days free trial for a new user along with a total protection package. With no payment information. And this is the best trial version of McAfee.

Products of McAfee

  • McAfee Total protection

McAfee Total Protection Antivirus is an award-winning antivirus that fully protects the computer. This product protects both offline and online. McAfee Total Protection offers smartphones, tablets and Macs, PCs for privacy protection

McAfee Total protection type

1. McAfee Total protection individual (1 device for 1 year suscribtion)
2. McAfee Total protection Multi – device (3 device for 1 year suscribtion)
3. McAfee Total protection Multi – device (5 device for 1 year suscribtion)
4. McAfee Total protection Multi – device (10 device for 1 year suscribtion)

  • McAfee Internet Security Protection

McAfee Internet Security Protection is only 1 PC, for Mac smartphones. This antivirus special detects and removes the types of viruses that occur on the Internet and it prevents the virus from killing.

  • McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe, is the best product in the large security portfolio of McAfee. One more thing, this awesome feature is complete security protection on every PC, Mac and mobile device in your house.

This antivirus provides protection against hackers, viruses, spyware and malware, thus keeping viruses and hackers away from our data and PC.

Download McAfee antivirus ( for free trial ) : –

  1. If you are a new User of McAfee antivirus then follow the step given below.
  2. First Go to the Official Site : (
  3. You click on the (For Home) Menu .
  4. Select on Free Trial and click on Antivirus.
  5. In front of you click on a (download free trial) button on McAfee home page.
  6. You will get free version by click.

Install McAfee antivirus on PC or Mac :-

  • First open your PC or MAC browser and go to given this link –
  • Click on account then go to my account.
  • If you have a McAfee account, then log in – otherwise follow the step given below.
  • Click on register button and follow required field and click on I Agree button.
  • After that click on the products menu bar and select the product according to your choice.
  • Then press the Buy button Fill the Payment Method (Credit Card , Paypal).
  • You can install your product after the Payment details.

Activate McAfee antivirus

  1. First open your PC or MAC browser and go to given link –
  2. Enter 25 digit mcafee activation code from the retail card and enter submit.
  3. Enter the Email address with credentials and click next.
  4. Click on submit button and choose country and language.
  5. Run the application to Activate.
  6. Your activation is ready.