Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policies found here describes the privacy policies we follow and expect our customers to follow. The coverage will inform our customers of how we manage the personal data we gather from them and what we accumulate. Thus the visitors of the site should browse the policies mentioned below.

Data collection
We make use of two approaches to accumulate the data. We collect through email and online chats. This is done to supply better service for your users.

The vital details like name, email id, card, and account information. To assist the apparatus users that our staff collects the info. Using the information we collect, we create a profile for the customers if they require it. Sometimes we also gather reports of malfunction from the users.

For assisting them in repairing the errors in their flowing players, we also ask them about their place and the online service providers’ details.

Use of cookies
The usage of cookies will be beneficial for us and assist us in serving you even better. It will search for those customers easily. If you visit our site, the biscuits will help us serve you all of the time you enter our website.

Refund and cancellation
During the conclusion of the services, the decision is contingent upon the individual user. The subscriptions will finish instantly as soon as the user deletes it. The team will work hard to eliminate the problem. Then they will come up with a solution to offer help to you through the telephone number. However, it depends upon us for what services we repay the payment to the customer. Not all things are suitable for the refund if the customer asks for this.

User obligation
The users are also in charge of securing and protecting the information or data and shouldn’t reveal it to other celebrations offered on the website. The consumers can reveal the info beneath a number of the circumstances when it’s mandatory. It’s possible to keep up the privacy to prevent any unnecessary issues. Study and understand the policies before taking any measures.